Thursday, 28 June 2007

Gordon Brown

I've been tagged by Normal Mouth to give some responses to questions on Gordon Brown. Should have answered sooner, but I was having trouble thinking of things he should be proud of – until I started thinking outside politics!

Two things Gordon Brown should be proud of
  • The humanity and normality he showed in the face of the greatest tragedy any parent can suffer – the loss of his first child.
  • His refusal to obey convention in the penguin style dress code for formal events.
Two things he should apologise for.
  • Iraq
  • The damage he has done to pension funds of ordinary working people, whilst giving new pensions tax breaks to the well-off.

Two things that he should do immediately when he becomes PM.

  • I'm too late responding on this one; it's already happened.

Two things he should do while he is PM.

  • Scrap Trident, rather than replace it with a new system.
  • Take the Tories' internal market out of the health service.

As for tagging others, well, I'm afraid that as a child, I was always the one who broke the chain when I received a chain letter, and that's a habit which I haven't lost. But under quantum politics, of course, every single one (or should that be both?) of my readers has been simultaneously tagged and not-tagged (just like Schrödinger's cat); and you only know which when you read this post. So if you feel yourself to have been tagged, then you have been.

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