Friday, 18 January 2008

Fading memories

It was, as so many others have already pointed out, entirely predictable that Dafydd Wigley would agree to become a candidate to represent his party in the House of Lords, and no-one has been surprised that he has declared that all the conditions that he set have been met.

It’s interesting though, that the conditions which have been met don’t seem to be quite the same ones that he set out so publicly back in October. I wondered at the time whether he wasn't setting conditions which would be impossible to meet. But it seems that one of them has been at best fudged, and the other has been completely forgotten.

Back in October, he seemed to be asking for the right to become, in effect, an ex-officio member of his party's group in the National Assembly. The condition which has been met talks merely of creating a linkage with the group.

And whatever happened to the condition about being part of a phalanx of new peers representing both the parties in the One Wales coalition? Didn’t he even tell us who the Labour Party should send to accompany him?

With the passing of time, two apparently difficult conditions seem to have become three easy conditions.

I think that he will be an asset to his party in the Lords; but did we really need this sort of pantomime to get to the right answer?

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Normal Mouth said...

Wigley's all pantomime (or perhaps even "piss and vinegar" as Steinbeck coined it).

The most depressing thing is that the media en masse just lap up his every pronouncement.